The Best Automotive Tools

Some Of The Best Automotive Tools To Use

You do not need to own an automotive service center to understand the significance of automotive tools. While many people may choose to send their cars to “the shop” for services, some people choose to work on the motor themselves. If you are among the latter, then it is essential that you use the best automotive tools to ensure the car is treated correctly. This article will provide information on some of the best tools available. Another great resource for finding tools is New Tools Lab.

1. The Under-Hood Light

The under-hood light is an important tool to consider when planning a car service, particularly if you can find a model that can be used as an under-vehicle light as well. These lights are snapped into place on the car’s hood or under the vehicle to help you see what you are working with. The Bayco Nightstick is a good example of an under-hood and under-vehicle light. This automotive tool uses magnets to hold it in place, and the tube has a 200-degree rotation so you can rotate the light to the exact spot it is required. Most lights have charging transformers and their internal batteries differ according to the make.

2. The Ratchet Extender

When working in engine compartments, it can be difficult to reach the sockets in small areas. This is when a ratchet extender can be highly beneficial. One example of a good ratchet extender is the Tite-Reach Tool. All you need to do is place the socket on one end of the extension tool and attach the ratchet to the other end; then tighten or loosen the difficult-to-reach bolt. Extension tools are available in many different sizes to suit different areas.

3. The Needle Scaler

Often compared to a sea monster with tentacles, the needle scaler is an air tool that removes rust, dirt and scale from other automotive tools at 4,000 blows per minute (according to the average needle scaler). To operate this tool, you need to move the adjustment collar backwards or forwards; thereby, varying the coverage area and needle force. Needle scalers can be used to remove old paint and rust from all types of metal objects, such as cars or wheelbarrows. Of course, you will still need to deal with the pits for the corrosion; however, the flakes will be eliminated by this stage. Always wear eye, ear and body protection when using this tool because it can work up a lot of debris.

4. The Nut Splitter

Nut splitters are automotive tools that crack any type of nut without damaging the bolt or stem the bolt is screwed into. All you need to do is slip the nut splitter’s ring over the nut, then turn the tooth into the nut until it splits. Different sizes can be found to match different needs.

5. The Out-Of-Sight Pliers

Everyone owns a pair of needle-nose pliers, but they are not always useful if the item you need to work with is out of your line of vision. By using the out-of-sight pliers, you can grab the smaller things that are outside of your vision without too much difficulty. These pliers are typically small and can be found in many of the pliers’ sets.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many different automotive tools that can be used when servicing a car. Using the information above, you can find the best tool to meet your particular needs.

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